Jan. 11th, 2012

We got back to Nagoya on ... Monday night? I think? Anyway, it's now Wednesday morning, and yesterday we pretty much didn't do anything. In the morning, my brother and I caught up on work we hadn't been doing, though I personally still have REU application essays to write. Around noon, we tried to go to the Nagoya TV tower in Sakae, but it turned out they were doing construction on it so it was closed. Alas. We've already been up the Higashiyama sky tower, so we've gotten to see the cityscape, at least. (But—big towers = fun!) Instead, we went shopping for gifts for people at home in the underground malls of Sakae, but we didn't find much.

Afterwards, we went and played Bananagrams with the Vampire, and then went to her Japanese class. It was exciting ... there was a really obnoxious girl from Germany, who just kept shouting out in the middle of class and talked like she was on the streets (apparently, she may have gone to high school in Japan but didn't know much about fancy/polite Japanese?). The rest of the class was interesting, though; we talked to the sensei in English for a little while, and then the Vampire's language partner in French for a little while, and then we talked in Spanish and French in the back of the classroom while everyone else was trying to read kanji. We tried to read kanji, too, but we were happy if we knew about five of them.



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