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I am supposed to go talk to my plants professor in a couple of hours about doing an independent study with her on the plant fossil record, but I am really not sure I want to do it. It seems like it will just be a lot of hassle, and since she doesn't know much about the topic I would pretty much be learning and reading and writing a ton by myself. That isn't necessarily a problem, but while I have the opportunity to take classes with great professors I feel like I might as well take advantage of that.

So ... I am going to be enrolled in my thesis class, intonational phonology, biogeography, sociology (deviance, crime, and social control), and my thesis advisor's graduate seminar. That's five, yes, but I will probably drop either biogeography or the grad seminar; the grad seminar might not even run if there aren't enough students, so then I won't have a problem.

Biogeography looks really interesting, though it will probably stress me out a lot at various points in the semester. Nonetheless, it seems like a great capstone course to a huge amount of the material I've studied in college, so I am looking forward to it—and the discussion we had yesterday was actually pretty good. Hopefully it will continue being good.

I think I will ask my plants professor if I can work on my final project for the biogeography class with her, and/or get her input—that would be a good way to continue working with her and learning from her without forcing myself to do an independent study. I'm still a little worried about recommendations, but this seems like a decent solution.

Ugh. I might try to go talk to the deans to get their input, but it doesn't sit right with me to take a class with a professor solely so that I will have taken multiple classes with the same professor.
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