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So, people tell me all the time that a certain someone in the geo department does not actually hate me. However, I have direct evidence to the contrary. (Perhaps "hate" is not quite the right term, but at the very least, she dislikes me a lot and wishes I would just leave this school, goddammit.) I was sitting in the geo building, in one of the small seminar classroom types of places, minding my own business. I'd shut the door because I thought I was going to make a phone call, when in walks the Certain Someone.

"What are you doing here?" she asks, a rather displeased expression on her face.

"I'm just ... doing work," I reply, feeling as though she thinks I don't have a right to be in this room.

"No, on campus," she corrects, holding a watering can and looking around the room as though I have besmirched it with my presence. "Working for J. or something?"

"For P.," I reply.

"Counting pollen or something?"

I nod. She starts to leave the room. "I am allowed to be in here, right?" I ask. I know for a fact that I am; I have card access to this building because I am working here over the summer, so she really has no right to kick me out unless she has a scheduled meeting. (Of course, if she didn't have a scheduled meeting but had enough people that she would need a room this size, I would have gladly left; but it was just her.)

"Yes, yes, I just like to clean up on Saturdays and Sundays, doing my rounds," she says with a half-smile, as though the thought of interacting with me leaves a bitter taste in her mouth.

I am well aware of two things: 1) I have inserted my own comments and interpretations into the interaction, and 2) she does not usually clean up on Sunday mornings, at least, although I cannot vouch for Saturday. I often came here during the school year on Sunday morning, before the dining hall opened, and she has never interrupted me before.

Anyway ... I think she really was happy when I graduated, because then she never would have to talk to me again.
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