As usual, the world seems to be either aligned for me or against me. Yesterday, it was definitely going in my favor. YAY!!! Basically, I went in to see my thesis advisor, and she said she had gotten my email about grad school and was excited, and was definitely willing to meet with me soon. Slightly before that, my research thesis advisor emailed me to say we could meet on Monday, basically the minute she gets back—I hope I won't impede her ability to get back into her own research, but oh well. I CAN'T WAIT TO START!!!!!! Then, I went to the Career people and the person I saw said that I had definitely done a lot of research, and that I was a competitive candidate for pretty much whatever I wanted to apply for. I kind of don't believe her, but it was still nice to hear. :)

Unfortunately, though, most REUs don't take recent college graduates; hopefully my preferred REU, that I really really really really really want to do (at the Smithsonian), will consider my application even though I will no longer be an undergad. I could also ask the Empress, who did an internship at the American Museum of Natural History in New York after she graduated; but I'm not entirely sure that I want to live in New York, even for a summer. And how exactly would I afford this? I am not entirely sure where all these people I know who do things get their money. I mean, I have some money saved up from my childhood, but I'm not about to blow it all on living in New York for a summer, or taking a surprise trip to Panama.

Anyway ... the world has continued its spin around from Everything Sucks to Everything Rocks!


Sep. 23rd, 2011 12:21 pm
This week was pretty long, it's hard to believe it's only Friday. Classes are going well, but mostly I've been looking up grad schools and scholarships for next year. Also, I have to go to the career center soon to find out more about international internships in natural history museums. UGH!! So many applications! But luckily my thesis still hasn't started, really, and I'm ahead on my classes; hopefully I will get many applications done before the end of September (or at least seriously started) so that I won't be overwhelmed.

I started going to the MATLAB section this week, too—it was pretty lame. Basically, I understood nothing that happened in class, so I spent the time going through their lab on my own time, and that was fine. I'm not sure it's really worth it to go back to the class, since I don't think I'm going to learn anything there.

I'm starting to feel the first glimmerings of AHHHHHH!, which isn't good. But if I get a lot done this weekend, I'll feel a lot better—and to be honest, I've been reading articles for my thesis (yay!), looking up grad schools and scholarships, and organizing and reading for evolutionary bio. So I haven't been wasting time, but I've been going to a lot of events (field trip for Plant Evolution on Tuesday; House crafting circle on Tuesday; archaeology movie night on Wednesday, where we watched The Eagle; Career Fair on Wednesday, where I got four free T-shirts, a personal record; Science Café last night).

The Roommate and I tried to watch NCIS last night, but it was a lost cause. The Doctor must think we're betraying him or something, but it just would not play successfully; and then when we got it to play, the player quit on us halfway through. (We tried to watch it legally, but it blipped every second, which was really annoying.)

Basically ... I am tired, and looking forward to a quiet weekend. Except Sunday, where I'm volunteering at the Arts Festival.



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