Yesterday was officially my mom's last day at the only real job she's ever had—she would have been there 25 years in November, but who's really counting the days at this point?  Hardly anyone stays in social work for that long, or at least not at community mental health centers; so there's been a lot of turnover in the time that she's been there.  There's only one other clinician who's been there as long as she has.  It was pretty sad. :'(  But, I got her ice cream and pizza to make her feel a little better.  And at this point, we've been in the process of moving for ... about two years, I guess it's been, so we're all kind of looking forward to it being over, even if it means I won't technically be a resident of New Hampshire any more.  (I am trying to find a way through that loophole!  THEY CAN'T MAKE ME GIVE UP MY STATE!!!!!  I HAVE TO VOTE IN THE ELECTION!!!!!!!!)

In other news, I spent most of yesterday battling sprint reading The Door in the Basement.  I like it, but it needs a bit of work.  Hopefully he will like my suggestions!  Still trying to finish the Hierophant's thing, though—I'm almost done, and then I will be done with vampires!!!!!  It is entirely her right to write about vampires, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.  But I will still edit it, because I LOVE EDITING.

Off to school tomorrow.  It's a terrifying thought.  I have to actually do stuff, now.  Laaaaaame.

Randomly:  Last night, my brother said "blah blah blah allwhere ... I mean, everywhere".  It made me laugh hysterically for about fifteen minutes, and it didn't help that he said at some point, "Don't worry, you won't have to drive on any runway streets—I mean, one way streets."  AIRPLANE!!!!!!  RUN!!!!!  I MEAN, DRIVE!!!!!!
Yesterday evening was terrible.  I left my cell phone in the Moon's car after going for a walk around the hospital with her, which ordinarily wouldn't be too much of a problem.  (Google Voice, did I mention I love you?)  But because I am living in a hotel for the moment, the internet is a bit sketchy at times ... and last night was one of those times.  So basically, my mom was trying to call me, but I didn't have my phone; I couldn't call her via my over the internet, which is my back-up plan; I am living in a hotel, so I have no landline (well, it costs a ridiculous amount to call); and when I did try to call my mom with the hotel phone, 1) her work was closed so it went straight to voicemail, and 2) she had her own cell phone turned off.

And to top it all off, someone downstairs was cooking something and set the fire alarm off.  FIRE ALARMS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE.  THEY SHOULD ONLY HAPPEN IN COLLEGE DORM ROOMS.  :P  Silver lining:  the cats were extremely confused about what was going on, and confused cats are adorable.

And now I have to go finish editing The Door in the Basement and Black and White, because I foolishly signed up to beta TWO books at the same time.  Before school starts.  On Friday.  :'(



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