So, I read God's War—I finished it a while ago, probably around January 4th or something. Anyway, it was ... interesting. I wasn't hugely fond of the language, though I felt like the extremely depressing nature of the world in the book partially justified the language. There were a number of depictions of sex that I also didn't have much of a use for, but at least it was more controlled than The Windup Girl (which I haven't finished yet for precisely this reason). In other words, although it was a lot cruder than I usually enjoy reading, it sort of made sense.

I liked the whole bug technology and the integration of magic with technology, though I wish she would explain more about how the bug magic and the shifting worked.

Other than that, there wasn't a huge amount that I really liked ... I really just honestly didn't like any of the characters that well. Nyx was just ... a jerk. I didn't mind it until she refused to tell Khos her plan on how to get them out of being attacked by Nasheenian soldiers when they had crossed the border into Chenja. He was clearly about to shoot someone, and she just couldn't tell him that she was going to pretend to be a bel dame again? Why on earth not? And she couldn't even tell him that she had a plan, even if she didn't want to say what it was? No. Instead, she just kept him in the dark, convincing everyone in the room that they were going to die. Rhys was okay, and Khos started to grow on me by the end. But why did she have to kill off Taite?

I liked that she made being gay and being a strong female perfectly normal, but then she went and killed off her only real gay character; and Nyx was just such a jerk that I rather thought she had an attitude problem instead of being strong. I am also not a fan of the fact that being male and gay was illegal and "dirty" or "gross" or something, but two women having sex wasn't a problem? I don't get the point.

Anyway, I have started reading Kameron Hurley's blog, though I don't know if I'll continue. It sounds like she has a lot more worldbuilding than she put into God's War, so I might try the second book. It was a page-turner, even if I didn't much like the characters and the world seemed pretty sparse. Plus, the random aliens come to steal Umayma genes? That seemed just a little too random.



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