Boxing Day

Dec. 26th, 2011 12:04 pm
I may have misjudged how much my family was going to do Christmas this year ... we usually don't do very much, but this year, apparently, my parents decided on going all out with the presents. Oh yeah, and my brother went all out, too. I feel a little bad because I didn't go all out with the presents, but oh well. I feel a little less bad, though, because I told my brother what I wanted and I told my dad what I wanted, and they basically got me exactly that. So. In other words, I got God's War, a book I've heard good things about; a guide to Japan (because we're leaving TOMORROW WHERE DID THE TIME GO?); Hinterlands, though really that's a present from my brother to both of us. My brother also got me a sealable heat-resistant thermos that I can put hot food in that will stay hot for a long time, and some Carcassonne sets. I got him Power Grid and some xkcd stickers, so I think we're pretty even.

On the other hand, for my parents I pretty much just helped pick stuff out—a rice cooker for my mom, a LOT of storage boxes for my mom, some kitchen knives for my mom, I might be forgetting something. For my dad we pretty much got a lot of kitchen storage boxes and set them all up, so that there would be less clutter. I feel like I'm forgetting some things. It's pretty slim, but that's okay. My mom also got me a sushi maker; I think that's it.

Anyway, it was a lot more involved than I anticipated, but that's okay. I don't think anyone's feelings were hurt by my utter fail. Next year I will make a calendar, I will!!!
So far, Thanksgiving has been a lot more fun than I thought it would be — my parents haven't been as annoying as I expected, especially my dad; not too many questions, and even better, fewer references to my brother's girlfriend than expected. We've played a lot of racing demons, and also cooked a fair amount. We made ... let's see: carrot soufflé, whipped cream (twice ... not that this is complicated, but), apple crisp, corn chowder, stuffing, cranberry stuff (I'm forgetting the word at the moment), bread. I'm probably forgetting a little, but oh well.

I watched the most recent episode of Merlin, mostly because the Tower sent me a link; my usual website didn't have it. :( But it was okay, though a little weird. The entire episode (Lamia) was pretty much all about crazy random happenstances until finally she attacked Merlin and Gwen. I'm seriously hoping that someone in Camelot aside from Gaius figures out that Merlin has magic before the end of this season, because honestly—he's not that subtle, and it's already been four seasons of "oh wait, what happened while I was knocked out?"

NaNo is going all right. I'm basically at 35,000, now, but that means I've got 15,000 words to write in the next five days; thank God Thanksgiving is early this year, so that I'm not expected to be done tomorrow. I'm hoping to hit 40,000 today, but that means a lot more writing, and I've already written 1,500 this morning. Hopefully I will manage to finish without too much semi-cheating! (By that I mean not actually cheating, per se, but doing stupid little things like not using contractions.)

I've been playing a fair amount of Dominion, and I think I got into the isotropic tournament. Yay!



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