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Dec. 18th, 2011 12:58 pm
So, I just watched the Burn Notice season 4 finale, and, wow. I actually liked the new girl, Rebecca (?), who ended up being a plant for Anson. It was nice that she wasn't completely useless, though it might have been better if she hadn't ended up double-crossing them. I can't believe that Michael would actually do what Anson wanted, at the beginning, when he asked Michael to burn four other people. It might be a little more believable if he hadn't already burned Jesse by accident, and spent an entire season trying to undo that. I just have trouble believing that Michael's devotion to Fi is all of a sudden so strong that he's willing to do something that horrible. I'm glad that Fi finally took matters into her own hand and stopped doing everything Michael said, and I confess I am a little excited to see how she does in prison. Though, they might send her somewhere like Guantanamo that would be a little less exciting; but I can totally see Fi having the entire prison wrapped around her little finger after a week. And then, a week later, she breaks out.

Also, I watched Merlin, and—OH MY GOD ARTHUR IS FINALLY GOING TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH. I accidentally heard a tiny bit of the prequel for the next episode, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! I knew it had to happen by the end of this season, though I wish I still got to anticipate the moment in the next episode. Arthur was awesome in his hypnotized state, though I didn't really like his conscious attempt at being a "simpleton."

Also, next weekend is going to be SO FREAKING AWESOME, because there will be Merlin AND DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!

Now, back to Bulgarian. I just discovered that LaTeX does IPA, so my life just got a lot easier.
My brother and I got back to North Carolina on Friday night; the flight was actually pretty bumpy, but I don't mind. It was good our mother wasn't there, though, because she would have been panicking. We nearly missed our train from Providence to Boston, though, because I went to the lab right before leaving to put away my centrifuge tubes, but the person who was supposed to be working in the lab all fall was there, and I hadn't talked to him, and he started to give me a lecture on laboratory safety. But we made the train with about 2 seconds to spare, and got to Boston fine.

Otherwise, I have mostly been trying to work on my Bulgarian project, but playing Dominion instead. It should be okay, though; I'm mostly just worried about not having enough time to do a good job on my thesis introduction, which I told my professor I would turn in by Tuesday. Yeah ... the next couple of days are going to be fun.

We cooked carrot soufflé last night, which was great; the brown sugar definitely made it a lot better. We also made macaroni and cheese, and I went on a walk where I got really lost. It was exciting.

Now, I need to work on my Bulgarian project.
Okay, so I am probably a little bit too excited about this, but ... I was playing Dominion, using the name Emrys (surprise surprise!), when my opponent asked if I happened to be Sai, a person by the full name of Sai, now, but who used to be known as Sai Emrys. Anyway, so I said that no, I was not Sai; but I recognized the name Sai Emrys, could that possibly be the person on the con lang listserv? And so my opponent said that yes, it was; he knew Sai because of his work on Lojban. So I asked him about his work with Lojban, and he said he used to be President of the Board of the LLG (Logical Language Group) for a few years.

I was more than a little shocked, to say the least. But it was cool! Exciting!

And if I ever change my name, Emrys is so totally my top candidate.
I always forget how quickly October comes upon us. And I always forget to do homework over Columbus Day weekend. :P It was fun, but now I am panicking.

I have to download Mesquite and relearn how to use it. I have to find word lists for two languages for my phonetics project. I have to find out information about my consultants, because I completely forgot to do this ahead of time. Unfortunately, the finding of word lists is difficult, because the book I need isn't online, and doesn't seem to be in the library, either. (HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY NOT BE IN THE LIBRARY?) And the Journal of the IPA doesn't seem to have any indices or anything like that.

And, I have to write up two proposals for the two languages before tomorrow. In the mean time, I have lab this afternoon, then class until 4; tomorrow, I have class at 9, and then a meeting at 10, and another meeting at 11. Then I have to turn in the proposals by 2 tomorrow.

Warning: much ranting and linguistic nerdiness to follow.

Ranting: The internet is not as useful for travel plans as you might think. )

Linguistic nerdiness: Although this is potentially not really PC, there was a sign outside the station that said "Ah & Ah: For out-of-towners, that's R & R." It was advertising "upperclass" travel to London, I believe; but it was pretty funny. Of course, the vowels aren't quite right, but most people reading that probably wouldn't think of that. The Boston non-rhotic dialect(s) has (have) a slightly different vowel than the British non-rhotic dialects, so I think it was trying to play off of the superficial similarity (as the sign was in Boston). It would be more interesting to see if the sign occurred elsewhere where there is no local non-rhotic dialect—maybe they were trying to make fun of and/or imitate both the Boston non-rhotic and the London non-rhotics. Anyway, it was entertaining and thought provoking.

The great geek vs. nerd debate. )

I am now lamentably finished with the second season of Merlin.  I say lamentably only because 1) there is only one more season to go, and 2) I really ought to have been doing homework instead of watching 26 45-minute episodes of a TV show about magic and dragons.  I most definitely like British science fiction / fantasy TV a lot better than American sci fi/fantasy, but luckily I think I've started to exhaust the typical British canon, especially since I have tried Torchwood and don't like it.

Flop flop

Oct. 4th, 2011 10:55 am
Unfortunately, I have an exam this afternoon, and my Plant Evolution class has a field trip. Technically, I can go to the field trip—it's supposed to end before my exam starts. But it's going to be a close one, and I'm more than a little afraid of 1) forgetting about the exam and missing it, 2) getting lost, and 3) biking down the side of the road. I am not a confident biker, and probably won't ever be; biking is fun down bike trails off in the woods, but I honestly think the last time I road a bike was in Florida ... my junior (?) year of high school. Basically, I really don't want to go to the field trip, but I probably should. So I have no idea what to do.

I finished Sherlock and started Merlin. I should really not watch too much TV. Anyway, Sherlock:  Comments. Spoilers. The usual. )

Merlin. It's kind of cute—Magic and dragons, oh my! ) Not sure if I'll keep watching it, but it's nice to have a TV show to watch that is moderately good. (And the accents are cool—I even heard Morgana use a great slit [t]! Her accent sounds kind of Irish, but doesn't have much of the Irish intonation ... I sort of think I might have been placing too much emphasis on the Irish intonation.)



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