For my evolutionary bio sections, I've been a little disappointed at how little people talk—I try to ask what I think is an interesting question, but then no one responds; or if they do, they think there is a right answer and that they'll get the question "wrong". Most of the time, I just want them to think through the question with evolutionary logic.

So today, I decided that it was stupid to ask questions that everyone was too intimidated to answer, so we broke up in to groups and had people talk individually. It wasn't exactly brilliant, in the sense that if I'd been a little more on top of things I would have tried this earlier; but, it worked so much better. The same people talked who always talked, but there were a couple of people new people, too. We didn't exactly stay on target the whole time, but that's okay—and everyone was actually talking and thinking about evolution. So yay!!!! We're definitely going to this next week, too.

In other news, I am proceeding along with my pollen. Given how often we get set back, I think I might not actually finish before Thanksgiving is over; but I'm still going to try. This weekend is going to be hellish because I want to finish making my character matrix for my plants project on the Santalales, I need to study for my plants midterm coming up next Tuesday, I need to catch up on my NaNo (25,000 by the end of the weekend, I think ...), I need to plan my class with the Roommate for Splash next weekend, I need to read an entire book for anthro because I have a paper to write for it that's due shortly after Splash ... is that it? It's also our model UN conference this weekend, which means that a whole bunch of New Hampshirites that I know will be coming in to town, and on top of having games night with the gang tomorrow and movie night on Saturday, I am going to try to get lunch or dinner with my old social studies teacher.

Goodness. I'm getting tired just thinking about it. I need to stop playing Dominion and read about Santalales.
Last night I had a little blip, but it was okay because it only lasted for a few hours. I've only had one other minor episode in the last month or two (can't really remember what August was like), so that's good. I've basically been stable (well, normal—there were months and months there in the last three years where I was "stable" but miserable) for at least a month now, so I can't complain! Yay! \o/

In other news, I'm going back to New Hampshire this weekend!!!!! NEW HAMPSHIRE I LOVE YOU. Trees. Leaves. YAY! Anyway ... hopefully it will be fun, and I'm glad that last night's episode was so short, because it would have been awful to be down all weekend. :P

And in still other news ... I AM FINALLY STARTING THESIS RESEARCH!!!!! Not entirely, because I won't have samples until some time next week, but I met with Pachypteris today and she started to show me how to count pollen, about pollen features, and those sorts of things. She also gave me a lab manual to go through to teach me more about actually identifying pollen. Unfortunately, the person in charge of the lab (JR) doesn't seem terribly happy that we're coopting some of his space; so, it's going to be interesting, trying to actually get my own lab bench and drawer, and trying to gain access to the fume hood where I can use HF for pollen processing.

It's definitely not ideal, so I am going to ask Dimetrodon if she can give me some space in her lab. The fume hood situation is unavoidable, but all I need to count pollen is a microscope, a corner of a lab, and a computer. I could do it in my dorm room if absolutely necessary, but someone somewhere will manage to find me some lab space. Hopefully it won't be before JR throws a fit, though.
 Yesterday was officially my mom's last day at the only real job she's ever had—she would have been there 25 years in November, but who's really counting the days at this point?  Hardly anyone stays in social work for that long, or at least not at community mental health centers; so there's been a lot of turnover in the time that she's been there.  There's only one other clinician who's been there as long as she has.  It was pretty sad. :'(  But, I got her ice cream and pizza to make her feel a little better.  And at this point, we've been in the process of moving for ... about two years, I guess it's been, so we're all kind of looking forward to it being over, even if it means I won't technically be a resident of New Hampshire any more.  (I am trying to find a way through that loophole!  THEY CAN'T MAKE ME GIVE UP MY STATE!!!!!  I HAVE TO VOTE IN THE ELECTION!!!!!!!!)

In other news, I spent most of yesterday battling sprint reading The Door in the Basement.  I like it, but it needs a bit of work.  Hopefully he will like my suggestions!  Still trying to finish the Hierophant's thing, though—I'm almost done, and then I will be done with vampires!!!!!  It is entirely her right to write about vampires, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.  But I will still edit it, because I LOVE EDITING.

Off to school tomorrow.  It's a terrifying thought.  I have to actually do stuff, now.  Laaaaaame.

Randomly:  Last night, my brother said "blah blah blah allwhere ... I mean, everywhere".  It made me laugh hysterically for about fifteen minutes, and it didn't help that he said at some point, "Don't worry, you won't have to drive on any runway streets—I mean, one way streets."  AIRPLANE!!!!!!  RUN!!!!!  I MEAN, DRIVE!!!!!!



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