I'm not sure if I've ever had such a long weekend in college. Monday (yesterday, a.k.a. Halloween) didn't feel like class; it seems like the week just started today.

I went to the observatory Halloween party last night—it was fairly fun, with lots of ghosts and dead bodies and decapitated heads and things like that everywhere. Unfortunately, they didn't do liquid nitrogen ice cream this year, which they did two years ago and which was awesome; that was a bit of a disappointment. And also unfortunately, it was cloudy, so we didn't get to look at any stars or planets or things. So ... basically it was a haunted house for lots of children, which was kind of fun but not as much fun as two years ago.

The Roommate, the Juggler, and I also went to the midnight organ concert. It was AWESOME, except for the part about it being midnight. He played roughly eight different songs in the space of an hour, which was so much easier to sit through than the chorus or orchestra thirty-minute pieces; two of them I really, really liked. I forget what they were called, but I have the program so I will hopefully look them up later. He also played a Harry Potter song, which was cool, but it was more cool because he was playing it than because the song was actually nice. (Also, it wasn't awkward, which was an extra bonus!)

I talked to the Tower for a long time at dinner yesterday, which was fun. I almost convinced him to come to the observatory party and/or the midnight organ concert, but alas, I evidently failed. Also, I heard at the House meeting last night that ... er, we may or may not have done some pranking in one of his classes, so hopefully I will see him again before I forget to ask him what happened!

This morning I FINALLY got to sample one of my sediment cores, so I should be starting processing this week, and will hopefully finish processing for both cores before Thanksgiving. Yay! Except that I spilled one of the samples ... luckily, all we had to do was take another sample, but still. Care and precision are NOT my strong suits.

NaNo started today, and I successfully did NOT start last night after the organ concert. I am currently 348 words in, and I have a pretty good idea where I want to go for the next set of chapters; I'm sort of leaving the overall plot to the winds, but I know the broad outline. I just haven't picked all of the specifics yet, which is bad, because those specifics are the ones that are going to make it difficult. The broad outline is easy. But I really like where this year is going!

And on a completely unrelated note, my plants professor likes my research topic! And I do too! It's a win-win!
Last night I had a little blip, but it was okay because it only lasted for a few hours. I've only had one other minor episode in the last month or two (can't really remember what August was like), so that's good. I've basically been stable (well, normal—there were months and months there in the last three years where I was "stable" but miserable) for at least a month now, so I can't complain! Yay! \o/

In other news, I'm going back to New Hampshire this weekend!!!!! NEW HAMPSHIRE I LOVE YOU. Trees. Leaves. YAY! Anyway ... hopefully it will be fun, and I'm glad that last night's episode was so short, because it would have been awful to be down all weekend. :P

And in still other news ... I AM FINALLY STARTING THESIS RESEARCH!!!!! Not entirely, because I won't have samples until some time next week, but I met with Pachypteris today and she started to show me how to count pollen, about pollen features, and those sorts of things. She also gave me a lab manual to go through to teach me more about actually identifying pollen. Unfortunately, the person in charge of the lab (JR) doesn't seem terribly happy that we're coopting some of his space; so, it's going to be interesting, trying to actually get my own lab bench and drawer, and trying to gain access to the fume hood where I can use HF for pollen processing.

It's definitely not ideal, so I am going to ask Dimetrodon if she can give me some space in her lab. The fume hood situation is unavoidable, but all I need to count pollen is a microscope, a corner of a lab, and a computer. I could do it in my dorm room if absolutely necessary, but someone somewhere will manage to find me some lab space. Hopefully it won't be before JR throws a fit, though.



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