Wow, this weekend was long. Friday night the Roommate, Fortitude, the Tower, the Juggler, and I all played Bananagrams and Dominion for about four hours before the Roommate and I pleaded exhaustion and kicked them out. It was really fun, though; more fun than watching Sherlock or Merlin together, I think, so I wonder if we're going to watch any movies at all this year.

Then, Saturday, I spent pretty much the whole day doing readings for this week. I literally read seven articles on Saturday, I think, and another four on Sunday morning; I haven't been this efficient in quite a while. It was awesome to just be finishing everything.

Saturday night we went ice skating, which we've been meaning to do for a long time. It was really fun, but also quite painful, because I fell down three times. The first two times I knocked my funny bone, once on each arm, and then the third time I got the wind knocked out of me a little and started to feel faint. At that point, I decided I'd had enough and the Roommate and I quit; everyone else stopped ten or fifteen minutes later, and since we'd already been on the rink for about two and a half hours, it was fine.

Sunday morning, the Roommate and I met with the Emperor, which was interesting. She showed up late after having "not made it" to church, and then left half an hour later to go to the lab. She told us about her life, and then asked what we'd been doing; I got a few minutes through ... something, I don't even remember, when all of a sudden she just had to up and go. She clearly didn't care about the Roommate's life at all, and only marginally about mine. I don't know why we even try, but I guess she's a friend?

Then Sunday afternoon, I spent a long time hanging out with Other Me, who was having a rough weekend, even though she seems to be doing better over all.

Sunday night, all of us except the Roommate went over to the engineering and physics building for an astronomy lab, where Fortitude and the Juggler got us into one of the astronomy lab sections for the evening. We went up to the roof and looked through telescopes and saw constellations and Jupiter and Mars, and learned how to use a star chart. It was awesome.

Phew. It was fun, but long, and now I am covered in bruises and tired. Also, I did nothing on my thesis, which I had been intending to work on; so now this week is going to be exciting.
The Roommate and I actually had lunch with the Emperor today; it was the first time all semester, and maybe the third or fourth time I've even seen her (walking down the sidewalk, mostly!). It was exceedingly awkward; she actually asked me what I did over the summer and what my major was. Oh yeah, and whether I was doing a thesis. (She generally has a very low opinion of me, I think—not in the sense that she thinks I'm stupid, it's more that she seems to think I've got a misguided approach to the world, and am that friend who had so much potential and never amounted to much. At least, that's the kind of attitude I think she has; it might just be me projecting, or some other such thing.)

At any rate, I'm a little insulted—she got into her post bacc program, and didn't even tell us. There was a time when she would have sent me her essays for editing, but no longer. She is also TAing Brain Damage and the Mind, which at least makes a little more sense than me TAing. Speaking of TAing, I should really be grading synopses right now ... :P

Well, it's kind of weird how much our lives have diverged since we were new students. She's remained on the pre-med path, on the music and psychology path, and on the path towards a Big Professional Career where she has to Make Important Decisions and Save Lives. Not that any of that is bad, but it's a far more structured and driven approach to life than I have. I am more than willing to experiment; she's afraid of doing anything that deviates from her chosen path. Hopefully she will be successful and all that, but I doubt we'll ever really understand each other. It's a little sad, but oh well. If she can't even remember what I'm majoring in, we've clearly not been on the same wavelength for a long, long time.

What really bothers me about her is her alleged "curiosity", or at least what she calls curiosity. (She generally has an attitude about what she thinks she "should" be like, but to my eyes, at least, what she is actually like is extremely different from what she thinks she's like.) She could not find any classes to take outside of music. She is literally taking two classes (Musical Youth Cultures and some other music class that I can't remember), doing chorus and orchestra (which both technically give a half credit), and her thesis (on music and psychology). Now, it's not that she really likes music that bothers me; it's that she claims that she's so curious, so engaged in the world, that she loves to learn, that she loves to experiment with new fields. ... And here she is, finding herself incapable of finding a third class out of the 1000 classes that are offered each term. Really, there isn't a single class? There isn't even a single psychology class that she's interested in? Nothing? No? I am admittedly finding myself a little less intrigued by courses outside my majors, such that next term I might be taking a lot of geo classes; but at least I could easily find a lot of classes to take, they just aren't as interesting to me as they used to be. Perhaps, she has also reached the point where she knows what is interesting to her and no longer feels the urge to take every class she possibly can that sounds even a little interesting, but ... she's taking two classes, she's not going to be working very hard on her thesis, and she couldn't even find a single psychology class to take? I've taken more than my fair share of environmental science classes, and I intend to take more, because I love it, not because it's a requirement.
The rest of transfer orientation went well—no major hiccups, though I forgot to pay my portion of the alcohol fee. :P  Which, to be honest, makes me feel bad that other people (presumably the coordinators) paid instead, but is not exactly the worst thing for me to forget to pay for.  They didn't even tell me that I would have to before hand, or give me much of an option to opt out.  Alas.

Blabberings about classes. )

And in other news, we had dinner with the Juggler, Fortitude, Temperance, and the Roommate.  We also invited the Emperor, but she couldn't come.  I'm not sure how much longer I am going to actually invite the Emperor to things, because she never says yes, and never offers her own suggestions as to what to do.  It mostly bugs me because I think the reason she's basically stopped talking to us is because she thinks we don't work hard enough—probably because at the end of last semester, for one, both the Roommate and I had "goals" to finish our papers by a certain date, so when that date arrived and the Emperor saw us in the dining hall, she said "You must be glad to be done!" and we said, "Uh ... no, we haven't finished yet."  She had the most precious Oh-my-God-seriously? expression on her face, like she couldn't possibly believe that anyone she was friends with would fail to accomplish their goals.  And since she tells me I have ADD nearly every other time I see her, I find it a little obnoxious that she's surprised I didn't finish when I thought I would.

But that's okay!  Now I don't have to worry about talking about fun things in front of her. :)  Though it is a bit depressing after everything we went through together, or mostly that we watched her go through and tried to be supportive about.



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