Ugh, I felt pretty terrible this afternoon. I got back from the lab, but just could not get up the energy to do anything productive; mostly, my biogeography exam is eating at me. The problem is that I know several things: 1) I have taken entire classes on the topics of single chapters in the textbook, so I am very familiar with the material; 2) I am in my fifth year, so have had many more science classes, nearly all of which have been on similar topics, than most of the other students in the class; 3) the other students have all had classes with my professor before, so they know what his tests are like, and I don't; 4) the professor told us specifically that he pretty much wanted us to know everything.

All in all, this makes me feel like I should be studying, but because I already know most of it, I'm not sure what to study. Hence, the great black cloud consumed my afternoon, and I felt pretty pathetic and terrible and like I was procrastinating and all sorts of other horrible things.

Luckily, I called my mom and ranted for about half an hour (during which time I discovered how I am in terrible shape; I am totally going to start going to the gym, I will!), then spent some time going over vocabulary and figuring out which ones I don't know completely, and then rearranged my room. I have no idea why, but rearranging my room always makes me feel better.

(Actually, I might have some idea why: it's more physical exertion than I usually put forth at a single time in a day, so perhaps it is that? Not that it is very much exertion, mind you, but more than usual, and in my as-previously-mentioned state of poor fitness, it might be enough to make me feel better.)

At the very least, I always like getting a new perspective on my walls. Hopefully I will sleep well tonight, and wake up tomorrow to go to the gym, and be a little happier and more productive tomorrow.



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