I spent the weekend at the Hermit's house, which was really fun. We made a bonfire on Sunday, and everyone came over; and then on Monday morning I had breakfast with the Hanged Man. She's doing well, it seems, but I still don't understand why she doesn't do something to improve her happiness in life—she doesn't seem to like her job, so why doesn't she find a new one? Or go back to school? But oh well, it's her decision even if it seems crazy.

Otherwise ... tons of work, must go do work.

Chapter 5

Aug. 29th, 2011 01:05 pm
Posted Chapter 5!  I should contemplate doing what other people around here seem to do, namely post both on the AO3 and here.  But I'm not really sure I want people actually reading anything I write.

Irene turned out to be a dud where we were.  A bit of rain, for a while, and a little bit of wind, but the lights only flickered once or twice (though while I was playing Dominion, which was a bit scary—I hate being forced to resign from bad internet!).  We were really, really lucky, though.  There were towns half an hour away that were completely flooded, and the parking lot of the malls was apparently under several feet of water at one point; I saw pictures of the JC Penny's, it was pretty spectacular in the sort of oh-my-God-is-that-real? type of way.  But at least for Penny's, it looked like they had removed their wares, so hopefully not much was damaged ... except the building obviously was, so that's not much of a comfort.

A friend of mine (the Hanged Man ... kind of an unfortunate title, I suppose; perhaps I will go with Hanged (Wo)man?  Except it's a little weird to refer to people my age who I know as women.  I'M NOT THAT OLD YET!!!! ... Right, and "Hanged" is probably not terribly good, either.) had an incident with a tree branch that put a dent in her car and cracked on of her mirrors, but other than that no one I know (except, perhaps, the High Priestess, who I still have not heard back from) had any serious damage from Irene.  The Hermit lost power, and the Moon's road was closed, but that's about it.  The Hanged Man was freaking out about her car, though; understandably, as technically it isn't her car (it's still owned by her parents), but insurance will cover the damage.  It's a pain, sure, but it's not like she's going to be set back by $1000 because of a natural disaster.  Of course, she still doesn't have power, so it's still a major pain. :P

I had a tiny scare about the High Priestess ... she is farming in Brattleboro, which was basically under water from Irene.  There was a story about a 21-year old woman who went to look at the water and fell in near Brattleboro, and I very momentarily feared it might be the High Priestess.  But it wasn't, which was a huge relief (though still terrible).



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