Mar. 12th, 2012 03:07 pm
I had a meeting with my whole thesis committee (what, me? a COMMITTEE?) this afternoon, and I think I might have annoyed the retired member of my committee because I didn't actually have my data all finished. Oops. I knew I should have gotten a little farther, but seriously, I spent six hours counting slides this past weekend; I don't feel like I've been slacking too much. I will, however, finish counting the rest of my slides before Wednesday afternoon, at which point I will (hopefully!) generate my first pollen diagram. Ooh, exciting.

On the other hand, I now feel like I have a ton of work to do, because once I actually get a chance to play around with my data, I will have to spend LOTS AND LOTS OF TIME looking at it. This is my biggest problem when it comes to class projects—I spend all the time getting the data (seriously, ALL THE TIME, by which I mean probably fifty or sixty hours) and not enough time actually looking at it and understanding it. This is triply sad because I spent so much time getting the data, enjoy playing with the data the most, and deprive myself of that opportunity precisely because I spent so much time getting it in the first place.

I won't do that with my biogeography project, or my linguistics project, or my thesis, I won't!

Also, I did so much work this past weekend—I counted three slides, I read six articles, I cleaned out all my emails, I sent a bunch of emails I didn't want to send, I saw my father, I walked 31,000 steps, I inquired about summer internships, I read Other Me's story, I started to read the Hermit's NaNo, I didn't watch very much TV, I didn't play very much Dominion. And then this morning I counted another two slides, had two meetings, studied for my linguistics exam, and am now taking a break. But it won't last long! I've decided to be productive in my life, and here I am, being productive!

Lastly, my brother's girlfriend got in to Harvard, and was uber excited. She was so excited, she was shaking. I think it is her life's goal to go to Harvard; I'm sure the program there is good, but unless it just so happens to be the best in her field, she seems a little overexcited. Perhaps I have just gotten over the awe of Harvard a bit, but she is way too invested in one school. The Juggler was much more relaxed about it, and aware that there are other programs that might even fit her better; but Harvard has the great advantage of location, which is the main reason why it is still on her list. I don't know, I probably shouldn't mock my brother's girlfriend, seeing as I too will probably want to go to Harvard when I decide whether I want to do ecology or social psychology, seeing as both departments have people who do almost exactly what I would want to do. But I sincerely hope I won't be shaking from excitement, that would be way too pathetic.
I spent the weekend at the Hermit's house, which was really fun. We made a bonfire on Sunday, and everyone came over; and then on Monday morning I had breakfast with the Hanged Man. She's doing well, it seems, but I still don't understand why she doesn't do something to improve her happiness in life—she doesn't seem to like her job, so why doesn't she find a new one? Or go back to school? But oh well, it's her decision even if it seems crazy.

Otherwise ... tons of work, must go do work.
Both Tuesday and Wednesday this week were so extraordinarily long, it was hard to believe they were only single days. Yesterday was a little painful, too, because I was completely out of it for most of the day. We had a cool demonstration on Icelandic in phonetics, though, which I kind of remember most of. I pretty much decided to take the day off, since I wasn't exactly paying attention to anything; so, I finished Merlin.

I like Merlin! It's a bit childish, and I have trouble understanding why the Hermit likes Morgana (though perhaps it's in part because she hasn't actually watched the show), but whatever. I am seriously hoping that Arthur is not remotely surprised when he finally discovers/realizes/is told that Merlin has magic, because if he is surprised I will probably lose all faith in the show. Admittedly, Arthur is knocked out for pretty much every time that Merlin saves his life with magic; or, it's in the middle of a battle and not entirely clear if 1) anyone used magic, or 2) who used magic. So I can see Arthur being a little surprised, but not shocked. He is not that much of an idiot.

In other news, I now have a plot-like object for NaNo, it just needs serious fleshing out before November. I have no idea if it is going to be ready in two weeks, but I am going to try to get a good outline-like object this weekend. Very basic, but still.

And now I have to seriously clean up my life. Inboxes are overflowing, there are an innumerable number of bags on my dorm room floor and I have no idea how they got there, and I have to figure out what I need to do this weekend. Ugh. :P

Edit: Also, two new cards for Dominion's new Hinterlands expansion pack came out today—Traders and Border Village. Traders seems like a dangerous card, in that you could fill your entire deck up with silver; and I'm not very impressed with Border Village, either—it costs a lot for very little benefit, when you could just buy the card you would gain from the village. But it probably works well with City, Peddler, Conspirator, Wharf ... but it still seems relatively useless with a lot of cards that you'd want to spam, like Lab and Caravan. I guess we'll see, and it might go well with some other Hinterlands cards, once those are released.
Astoundingly, the leaves this weekend were not anywhere near peak; apparently there's been a lot of rain, and there have only been a few frosts, so although most trees were starting to turn, they were still mostly green. It was nice and chilly in the morning, but got up to 80˚ (or so the weather forecast said; I didn't actually see a thermometer) during the day.

I stayed at the Hermit's house (technically in Vermont, but close enough), and it was really nice to be back in a real house, with cats, and a fridge with food in it, and to sleep on a real bed. I stayed in the Hermit's sister's room—she has a big creaky bunk bed, which took some getting used to, but the second night I slept pretty well. (The first night, half of the problem was the cat: he came to sleep with me, but I haven't slept on a twin bed with a cat in a very, very long time. When he moved down to my feet there was a lot more room, but when he was wedged up against my back I kept worrying that I would either fall off or crush him; luckily, neither happened, but it kept me up for a while.)

We watched a fair amount of TV, and went on a few walks, and it was generally very relaxing. I did NO homework, which sounded like a good plan at the time but now that I am back on the train I am starting to wish I'd tried a little harder. Brief comparison of Sherlock-the-miniseries and Sherlock-the-Christmas-Day-movie. )

We also watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which was terrible. One clich after another, plus Hiccup. )

We started to watch Phone Booth, but no one got shot in the first fifteen minutes, so we stopped. Lack of shooting = uninteresting. )

And finally, we also watched GalaxyQuest, which was basically a parody of Star Trek.  It was hilarious, but I think I would have gotten more out of it if I knew anything about Star Trek.  Still funny, though.

Kayaking was a lot of fun—we went down the Ompompanoosuc and then onto the Connecticut, got blinded by the sun, saw a bunch of monarch butterflies (which have been scarce lately), got wet, paddled around, talked fic. I thought I was starting to understand fanfiction, but I still don't really get it. My first experience comprehending crossovers, though, happened this past week (where I thought to myself, "what Merlin really needs right now is for Sherlock to come in and help!" or something to that effect, I can't remember what exactly), so perhaps I just haven't found my fandom.

And, the Hermit's dog has finally gotten used to me, more or less. She barked a few times, and seemed to forget me every morning, but she had calmed down considerably, and sat on my feet, and jumped up next to me on the couch, and everything. It was an enormous improvement over previous visits, so that was good. :) And they invited me back for Thanksgiving or next weekend (or both!), so I guess I wasn't a horrible guest. (I always worry about being a horrible guest, because my mom never really liked to have people back to our house, so I always think I'm going to be a gigantic burden; but I am starting to come around to the idea that they might not actually mind having me over a lot.)

Now, off to finish Merlin's The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part I, or really to wait for it to buffer because the train's internet is terrible.
Today we are supposed to get a LOT of rain. The eye of Hurricane Irene is basically supposed to pass over my town, which is kind of entertaining; I wonder if we'll be able to notice it? I have never been in a hurricane like this before, so it should be cool. (Hopefully, we WILL notice it, so that we can go for a walk at that exact moment—because I expect that being cooped up inside all day is going to drive me mad, very quickly, and I might start to throw things and yell.)


Natterings on River. Spoilers. )

It was definitely a wonky episode, and they really accelerated the River storyline; not sure whether that was good, but it was funny.

Natterings on Rory. Spoilers. ) 

The Hermit, the Moon, the Tower, and I all went to walk around the brook yesterday. Because of the hurricane, they must have opened some dams downstream or something, because the water level was so low that there practically wasn't any more water. It was a bit of a let-down in terms of the scenery, but gave us plenty of opportunities to discuss the impending hurricane. I confess I am not terribly worried. Sure, rain, wind, probably some power outages; but I am not expecting a three-day catastrophe, which seems to be what the Hermit and the Moon predict. They do live kind of far out, so if they lose power it's bound to be a much bigger deal than if I do, stuck in town as I am; but I would be surprised if they couldn't go to work tomorrow, for instance. At any rate, I don't have much of an appreciation for weather.

In which I complain. )

Done for stupid touchy-feely stuff.
Yesterday, the Hermit and the Moon and I all attempted to go blueberry picking, but we were thwarted by thunder (and, eventually, rain). The rain only lasted for a few minutes, but it was pretty impressive when it happened—and the wind made a tree crack outside, it was blown to the side so much.

Luckily, though, the rain managed to actually reduce the humidity, for once; so this morning, it was much more pleasant outside.

Last Friday, I watched Suits and Burn Notice. I'm not sure why I like Suits, except that Mike Ross is hilarious, and how he's being a lawyer because he's good at it, but isn't going to let Harvey make him a douchebag in the process. (Or at least, so far ... I would not be in the least surprised if Mike has to make some serious, douchy decisions in the season finale.) I don't really like how every other girl seems to fall head over heels for him (except Zoe—er, Jessica!). I'm not so sure I really understand Harvey, though—for some reason I find it jarring whenever he starts quoting movies, like that's supposed to make him seem younger and all buddy-buddy with Mike. Maybe it's because I don't actually know most of the movies they quote, and also don't know the age demographic that typically watches them—maybe Mike having memorized The Godfather says more about Mike than it does about Harvey? I dunno.

Anyway ... Burn Notice isn't really grabbing me any more. It's still funny, but the plot just isn't there. Agent Pearce is kind of cool, and I'm glad that Jesse got to stick around, but the show just moves too slowly for me. NOTHING EVER CHANGES IN MICHAEL'S LIFE. That's not technically true, but aside from doing odd jobs for the same person over and over again, Michael's life seems pretty much just like it was in seasons 1, 2, and 3. I'll probably keep watching it for a while (especially now that they have upped the episode count for the current season!), but I doubt I'll be devoted.




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