So, I have decided that I just won't go to the class ("Plants on a changing planet" or something like that) that I told the professor I would go to. She won't really care; there were plenty of people in the room, so my presence or absence will have no effect on her happiness.

Ha. That means that I am officially done with shopping period—at least, to some extent. I know three classes I am definitely taking: my thesis, intonational phonology, and a sociology class called "Deviance, Crime, and Social Control." For a fourth class, I am deciding between three things: my thesis advisor's graduate seminar, the biogeography class, and an independent study with my plants professor from last term.

So, no more shopping. It's down to the elimination phase. My professor's graduate seminar may not actually be offered, since only four people showed up and at least one was on the fence about the class. The independent study may not happen, because it depends on whether I 1) get my act together, 2) am allowed to, and 3) actually want to. I am pretty sure I want to, though I am equally sure that I will regret the decision later in the term.

Anyway ... yay! I am now able to do homework just for the classes I know I will take, rather than doing readings for a class that I know I won't take. (Yeah, I know: I was doing readings for a class that I wasn't planning on taking and wasn't really enjoying? Crazy?)

On another note, I am getting a little obsessed with criminal profiling. Criminal minds has ruined me; I am going to spend the semester thinking about something other than what I should be thinking about, namely my thesis. But is there really anything wrong with being interested in something? No, I tell myself, though it would be nice if my obsessions had a bit more timeliness to them. Why couldn't I get interested in this over the summer?
The last week or so has been crazy busy—what with transfer orientation wrapping up, and the first few days of classes, I am glad the weekend is here so I can spend some quality time with my books trying to figure out what to take.  Thus far, I haven't been entirely sold on any of my classes—I know I am taking my thesis and the intonational phonology course, but those are requirements I still have to fulfill.  Otherwise, I am looking for a science class, and there are four major options:  my thesis advisor's graduate seminar, an independent study with my plants professor from last term, biogeography, and a class on plant adaptations to climate change.  The last of these I doubt I will take, if only because biogeography is slightly more interesting and, to be honest, less work—I've already read half of the textbook, so I have already done about a third of the reading.  To be fair, though, I've probably done the easiest third.  Hopefully I will get to do an independent study, which will make my decision a lot easier (and my workload a lot more manageable).

I've also been looking into a sociology class on deviance, crime, and social control.  The social control bit is a little less interesting, but most of the topics seem fascinating given that I wish the class were on psychology and the law; I suppose I could talk to one of the professors in psych to ask about maybe doing an independent study on psychology and the law, but two independent studies, a thesis, and one class that actually meets probably wouldn't be good for me to actually get things done.  Maybe if either of my independent studies had other people, but I don't think it would be good for me to do them alone.

Anyway, the sociology class looks interesting, even if it isn't quite what I was looking for.  It does look like it'll be a lot of work, and I am trying very, very hard not to crush myself with work this term; so, I will definitely be taking it pass fail if I take it.

Otherwise ... transfer orientation went well, not too many students panicking and registration was a lot easier than normal because there were no other new students to compete with the transfers.

Lastly, I have been consumed by Criminal Minds.  I really, really like some of the characters, and I think they do a decent job on the plots, though by now I have seen enough that it's fairly predictable.  Nonetheless, it's fun to watch because if they mention anything about psych I can 1) look it up, or 2) already know what it is.  They actually did a good job of explaining capgras syndrome, as well as on diatoms; but otherwise, I haven't known enough about many of the topics to actually say how accurate it is.  I ... possibly have a thing for Reid's drug addiction, I wish they had made that a larger subplot rather than just a few mentions here and there, one shot of him about to take Dilaudid, and then suddenly he's at an AA (equivalent) meeting saying he's been clean for 10 months.  But that's okay ...

Okay, off to run errands.



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