In order to induce a greater degree of sanity into my life, I am going to list below the TV shows that I have watched since I got to college.  Beware:  this is a lot longer than I wish to admit.

Shows I watched the entirety of:
  • Monk
  • Gilmore Girls
  • 24
  • Prison Break
Shows I started but am no longer up to date on:
  • Psych
  • House
  • Bones
  • Royal Pains
  • Covert Affairs
  • Switched at Birth
  • Torchwood*
  • Fairly Legal*
Shows I currently watch:
  • White Collar
  • Burn Notice
  • Suits
  • Doctor Who
  • Merlin
  • Sherlock**
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender**
*These are shows where I tried to start watching them but only got a few episodes in before I abandoned them—unlike the others, which I watched for at least a season, these shows never really grabbed me.

**These are shows that are not divided up exactly into the same season 1, season 2, etc. thing, but which have second parts that I intend to watch when they finally come out.

Okay, that actually wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be.  And on the plus side, I watch a lot fewer movies now—I pretty much only watch TV at the moment.

In order to add a bit of nerdiness to as many posts as I can, I note below a few trends:
  • USA has a lot of shows that I like.  I watched Monk and Psych for a long time, but no longer like them as much; and I don't think I'll keep watching Psych when it starts up again at some point this fall.  Unfortunately, USA also has a lot of shows I don't like—mostly, shows that seem like "lite" versions of other shows.  Namely, Covert Affairs seems like a softer and less realistic version of Burn Notice, and Royal Pains seems to be trying to imitate House.  White Collar and Suits, however, are new twists, which might be why I like them more.
  • Fos is definitely not my favorite station.  Both Bones and House have their moments, and they can be quite funny; but they're a little disgusting and best watched at a distance.
  • British TV would have amazing ratings if everyone watched exactly what I watch.  Torchwood is the only British show that I don't like.  I wish I could say it was because the lead is American, but it isn't:  Captain Jack Harkness is serious instead of funny, there are a lot of chopped off body parts, and the supporting characters are boring.  It's a little unfortunate, because I think it's great that Jack is basically gay in Torchwood—but the original Jack actually hit on women, too, which made it a lot more entertaining.  In Doctor Who, iinstead of being a sort of gay angst type of thing, it was just a Jack thing; but the moment Jack got serious, Gwen became an important character, and everyone talked with a Welsh accent, I got lost.
So, Doctor Who. I did not like The Girl Who Waited; and here's why. )

(Edit: I had a lot more about this, but decided it fit more into the blog, so I edited it and posted it there.)

Burn Notice last week was unremarkable; I don't even remember what happened in the episode.

Suits was a little more interesting; hopefully next season will not let Mike go back to where he started at the firm. )

Right. Real Life. I went to the dentist yesterday, and today, to get five (five!!!) baby cavities sealed; they weren't real cavities, they just had the potential to become real cavities. (In other words, proto-cavities.) I didn't need novocaine or anything, and the entire procedure lasted less than twenty minutes (well, less than an hour if you count the forty minutes of waiting!). The hygienist told me that my teeth are looking fine, despite the fact that I haven't been to a dentist in probably two years. Nonetheless, for once I am actually convinced that going to a dentist every six months is a good idea. I don't want to get a real cavity. My parents kind of freaked out, though, because there isn't a word for "proto-cavity," so they were imagining all sorts of horrible things.
I moved all my stuff back in to my dorm yesterday. And by all my stuff, I mean all my stuff and all my brother's stuff that we left in Hanover. And all my stuff from the Art House storage room. Up three flights of stairs. I have never appreciated living on the first floor more, now that I am up on the third floor. Why are there no elevators that we can actually use, at least for moving-in day? Well, at least moving into the third floor isn't really different than moving into the second floor, since you're climbing stairs already anyway. Now I am sore. Very sore.

And I didn't even sleep well, probably due to that Java Chip frappuccino I got last night. (Night. I know not to do that!!!)

I need to unpack before I find all the stuff I accidentally shipped to North Carolina and now need. And I need a fan. It might just be my imagination, but the third floor seems even hotter than the first floor. (Yes, I know, heat rises, but it can't be that much hotter, can it?)

My room's a closet single, so it's a bit small, but not really any different than a regular square single. Very different than my room last semester, obviously, which was HUGE. Not sure if I am going to keep my chair in the my room the entire semester; it fits, and it doesn't even seem too crowded, but I might change my mind.

Enough blabbering. Burn Notice. Some spoilers; much unhappiness. )

Suits. If it didn't take that left turn down Romance Alley, I'd be more interested. )

Now I have to go convince the transfer counselors that I am indeed a real member of the team, because apparently I keep getting left out ... I think they probably decided they wanted someone who knew something about linguistics (a.k.a., ME), so they gave me the job; but they didn't actually need a 17th counselor, which makes me the counselor who always gets forgotten about. (Which ... actually doesn't bother me, because it means they won't notice if I kind of maybe forget to sign up for something I'm supposed to sign up for.) But I have to go meet all my fellow counselors soon ... and my advisees ... TERRIFYING. :(
Yesterday, the Hermit and the Moon and I all attempted to go blueberry picking, but we were thwarted by thunder (and, eventually, rain). The rain only lasted for a few minutes, but it was pretty impressive when it happened—and the wind made a tree crack outside, it was blown to the side so much.

Luckily, though, the rain managed to actually reduce the humidity, for once; so this morning, it was much more pleasant outside.

Last Friday, I watched Suits and Burn Notice. I'm not sure why I like Suits, except that Mike Ross is hilarious, and how he's being a lawyer because he's good at it, but isn't going to let Harvey make him a douchebag in the process. (Or at least, so far ... I would not be in the least surprised if Mike has to make some serious, douchy decisions in the season finale.) I don't really like how every other girl seems to fall head over heels for him (except Zoe—er, Jessica!). I'm not so sure I really understand Harvey, though—for some reason I find it jarring whenever he starts quoting movies, like that's supposed to make him seem younger and all buddy-buddy with Mike. Maybe it's because I don't actually know most of the movies they quote, and also don't know the age demographic that typically watches them—maybe Mike having memorized The Godfather says more about Mike than it does about Harvey? I dunno.

Anyway ... Burn Notice isn't really grabbing me any more. It's still funny, but the plot just isn't there. Agent Pearce is kind of cool, and I'm glad that Jesse got to stick around, but the show just moves too slowly for me. NOTHING EVER CHANGES IN MICHAEL'S LIFE. That's not technically true, but aside from doing odd jobs for the same person over and over again, Michael's life seems pretty much just like it was in seasons 1, 2, and 3. I'll probably keep watching it for a while (especially now that they have upped the episode count for the current season!), but I doubt I'll be devoted.




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