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So, I have decided that I just won't go to the class ("Plants on a changing planet" or something like that) that I told the professor I would go to. She won't really care; there were plenty of people in the room, so my presence or absence will have no effect on her happiness.

Ha. That means that I am officially done with shopping period—at least, to some extent. I know three classes I am definitely taking: my thesis, intonational phonology, and a sociology class called "Deviance, Crime, and Social Control." For a fourth class, I am deciding between three things: my thesis advisor's graduate seminar, the biogeography class, and an independent study with my plants professor from last term.

So, no more shopping. It's down to the elimination phase. My professor's graduate seminar may not actually be offered, since only four people showed up and at least one was on the fence about the class. The independent study may not happen, because it depends on whether I 1) get my act together, 2) am allowed to, and 3) actually want to. I am pretty sure I want to, though I am equally sure that I will regret the decision later in the term.

Anyway ... yay! I am now able to do homework just for the classes I know I will take, rather than doing readings for a class that I know I won't take. (Yeah, I know: I was doing readings for a class that I wasn't planning on taking and wasn't really enjoying? Crazy?)

On another note, I am getting a little obsessed with criminal profiling. Criminal minds has ruined me; I am going to spend the semester thinking about something other than what I should be thinking about, namely my thesis. But is there really anything wrong with being interested in something? No, I tell myself, though it would be nice if my obsessions had a bit more timeliness to them. Why couldn't I get interested in this over the summer?
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