I feel like there was something that happened earlier this week that I was going to mention, but I've forgotten what it was. Oh well.

Anyway! The Fourth of July happened—all of the House that's here for the summer (and some former members who live nearby) went to India Point Park to watch fireworks. I got hit on the head with a lightsaber by a tiny little kid—I think there must have been a Star Wars theme (or maybe there is every year?) because the band played a Star Wars medley, and there were a lot of people running around with Star Wars shirts. It was awesome!

Today I did nothing! Well, that's not entirely true—I went to check out where I'm taking the GREs on Saturday, which I found (yay!). Then I tried to take a practice test for the computer-based version, but failed, because I don't have a PC. Hopefully one of my housemates will lend me his, and then I can at least do one practice test for real.

And ... now I am baking rolls and making split pea soup with our leftover carrots and onions from marketshare.
So ... this weekend I played in a Dominion tournament. I played a 4p game, against one extremely good player, one quite good player, and one decent player. I was in the low end, in terms of rating; not completely out of the running, but likely to win one game, if any.

I won all four.

I literally spent half an hour going, "what the hell just happened? what the hell?" I beat a player ranked 42 four times in a row.

I ... was more than a little bit stunned. To be fair, I had some awesome luck; to start off, none of the spreads had devastating attack cards, which favored me greatly, as I hate those cards. So, I had a lot of experience with the cards and the best players didn't buy many of the attack cards that were available (i.e., Fortune Teller). And then I also had other types of luck: for instance, in two games, other players could have ended the game but didn't because they either would have lost the game or tied (with me!), and I managed to get to 8 in time to buy the last Province—obviously I played well, but I also got lucky. It wasn't that I necessarily that I had good shuffle luck, or always got 8 and never 7 or 9; but that my opponents didn't end the game because they just happened to have a tying score, that sort of thing. Subtle, but somehow it ended adding up to me having four wins. Yay!! It was awesome, I must admit, even though I didn't really deserve to play in the semis!

On the other hand, when I played in the semis, I got crushed. :P Not that it was unexpected; and I certainly learned a lot. I also shouldn't have been crushed quite so much—there was a mix-up with turn order that resulted in me playing 4th position twice, and another player in 3rd position twice; but, neither of us had any chance of moving on in the tournament, so we all agreed that it didn't matter. That mix-up resulted in changing the results of the last game we played, such that I would have done slightly better than I did; but I still would have been a distant last.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I got to play even though I didn't have any hope of going on to the finals! I will certainly look over the logs for the final match, though. Maybe next year ...

In other news, I went to Boston to see the tall ship show. I almost didn't get to see it, because I thought I remembered from two years ago that the docks were all swarming with people and that it was really obvious that there was an event going on. But this time, there wasn't anything anywhere until the fish docks, and there weren't tons of people, so I got really confused. But! I got to see a ship from Ecuador, one from Brazil, and one from Indonesia. I didn't go on the Colombian ship because it was extremely crowded. :P The one from Brazil was probably the coolest, although the Ecuadorian one had pirates on it, so.

That's about it. Back to obsessive counting! And I'm going to try to find out if I can apply for an NSF grant to fund my research next year—someone in my house did that for the summer, so I'm going to ask her how/what she did.
So, people tell me all the time that a certain someone in the geo department does not actually hate me. However, I have direct evidence to the contrary. (Perhaps "hate" is not quite the right term, but at the very least, she dislikes me a lot and wishes I would just leave this school, goddammit.) I was sitting in the geo building, in one of the small seminar classroom types of places, minding my own business. I'd shut the door because I thought I was going to make a phone call, when in walks the Certain Someone.

"What are you doing here?" she asks, a rather displeased expression on her face.

"I'm just ... doing work," I reply, feeling as though she thinks I don't have a right to be in this room.

"No, on campus," she corrects, holding a watering can and looking around the room as though I have besmirched it with my presence. "Working for J. or something?"

"For P.," I reply.

"Counting pollen or something?"

I nod. She starts to leave the room. "I am allowed to be in here, right?" I ask. I know for a fact that I am; I have card access to this building because I am working here over the summer, so she really has no right to kick me out unless she has a scheduled meeting. (Of course, if she didn't have a scheduled meeting but had enough people that she would need a room this size, I would have gladly left; but it was just her.)

"Yes, yes, I just like to clean up on Saturdays and Sundays, doing my rounds," she says with a half-smile, as though the thought of interacting with me leaves a bitter taste in her mouth.

I am well aware of two things: 1) I have inserted my own comments and interpretations into the interaction, and 2) she does not usually clean up on Sunday mornings, at least, although I cannot vouch for Saturday. I often came here during the school year on Sunday morning, before the dining hall opened, and she has never interrupted me before.

Anyway ... I think she really was happy when I graduated, because then she never would have to talk to me again.
Apparently I use this solely as a procrastination technique, so that when I have a lot to do but am not completely crushed, I write something; and when I am either crushed or bored, I don't.

Okay. So. Many. Things. Have. Happened.

1. I finished my thesis, which involved a poster (which was surprisingly difficult), a presentation (which was petrifying, but ultimately went all right), and a long, drawn-out process of editing. But I survived, barely, and the Roommate and I watched Korra in celebration. Yay!

2. I finished all of my classes ... barely. I had two final papers (for biogeography and intonational phonology), both of which I finished late. But I passed both classes, so apparently the professors didn't mind too much. (And in all fairness, they weren't that late, only half an hour for the one and 10 minutes for the other.)

3. My brother got stomach flu; I didn't realize it was contagious, so I promptly got stomach flu. It was actually kind of amazing how much it flattened me. Also, I lost ten pounds of water; and I only regained about half of that back, which is probably the result of basically not eating for five days. Oh well.

4. Senior week! It was surprisingly fun: we didn't do hardly any of the normal activities. The Magician and Fortitude and I went to laser tag, where we happened to run into Other Me; then, on Monday and Tuesday (May 20 and 21) we all (me, the Roommate, the Magician, Fortitude, and the Tower) went to Block Island. It was AMAZING. My pictures are crappy because my camera didn't handle the mist well, so 1) I am going to get a new camera, and 2) I will have to steal pictures from everyone else. But! We walked around a lot and saw a giant cemetery, and then biked to the south lighthouse (where I almost passed out for some reason that I'm not sure about). Then we biked to the north lighthouse, which was great fun. There was a 9/11 memorial there, too, which seemed a bit out of place. Also, the sea gulls were nesting, and became very angry if we got within a few feet, but they still refused to move off their nests. It was really cool, over all.

5. Graduation! I did it. It is over. It was kind of fun, considering all the tromping around we did in cap-and-gown. I got sunburned on half of my face, which was fun. Also, because we have departmental ceremonies instead of the president reading off everyone's name (thank God!), they had one person from each degree category go up to accept their degree symbolically for the whole of the class. I didn't realize how it worked, however, so I stood up when they called bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, and dual degree folks. It was exciting, especially since they didn't really tell us dual-degreers to stand up or sit down ... we kind of just did whatever ...

6. North Carolina! I went home, and I cleaned my WHOLE ROOM. Actually, not quite, but almost. You can actually see the floor! I also met with a lawyer, who spent about ten minutes talking about clothes and clearly wanted to eke as much money out of us as possible. Oh well. I am going to have a living will, yay?

7. I returned to Providence! My room is kind of strange, it is basically a second common room that is convertible to a bedroom if needed. That means it has many windows and is very light in the morning, has no closet, and is huge. In some ways it's great: the Hermit came and visited this week, and there is a couch-like object in my room that can serve as a guest bed; and Fortitude is going to stay here on Sunday night, so it has already gotten a fair amount of use. Unfortunately, the doors have very little noise control, but so far this hasn't been much of a problem.

8. I ... finally decided to apply for a Fulbright to Ecuador! I found something to get excited about: volunteering at biological stations across the whole country! I started writing a letter to this guy there whose research looks interesting, but I haven't finished yet. I will finish by Monday, though ... I have to if I actually want someone's sponsorship. :( But I also found some programs for teaching English in various countries across the world, so I am starting to feel like I will actually manage to make this thing work—next year at the Smithsonian, the following year abroad, then graduate school. Yay!

8.b. On the topic of grad school, I went to visit my cousin at Harvard on Wednesday, and saw the Harvard OEB building. It is BEAUTIFUL, at least on the outside and in the corridors. I wish they had research there that is closer to what I want to do; I will probably end up applying, but it really isn't the best school for my area. Oh well ...

9. Newport! I am about to go to Newport with Fortitude and the Tower to visit the Roommate and do Cliffwalk and visit the mansions and things. Yay! I want to buy a new camera, so I wish I had gotten around to this before leaving for Newport, but oh well. Hopefully the Roommate will take lots of pictures.

That's about it. I should go get ready.
I guess I forgot how long it's been since I've updated this ... basically, I have been working on my thesis non-stop. (Well, almost non-stop—about as non-stop as my brain will allow.) I have all my data (!), though I feel a somewhat inexplicable urge to go count another hundred grains per slide (:'(), and I am feeling an inexplicable lack of an urge to actually write. This is bad.

I should be writing right now—which I am, just not what I need to write. Alas.

Well, a brief recap of spring break: it was fun, I tried to work on my thesis, and I did work on my thesis, just not as much as I should have. We went to trivia night on Wednesday, which was really fun—we did really badly, but we got a few cool questions (like, which candy bar was named after the owner's family horse? Snickers!), and the restaurant had a phone booth in it! (A red phone booth, but it was the closest I've seen in America that wasn't supposed to be a replica!)

Okay, off to writing. MUST WRITE.


Mar. 12th, 2012 03:07 pm
I had a meeting with my whole thesis committee (what, me? a COMMITTEE?) this afternoon, and I think I might have annoyed the retired member of my committee because I didn't actually have my data all finished. Oops. I knew I should have gotten a little farther, but seriously, I spent six hours counting slides this past weekend; I don't feel like I've been slacking too much. I will, however, finish counting the rest of my slides before Wednesday afternoon, at which point I will (hopefully!) generate my first pollen diagram. Ooh, exciting.

On the other hand, I now feel like I have a ton of work to do, because once I actually get a chance to play around with my data, I will have to spend LOTS AND LOTS OF TIME looking at it. This is my biggest problem when it comes to class projects—I spend all the time getting the data (seriously, ALL THE TIME, by which I mean probably fifty or sixty hours) and not enough time actually looking at it and understanding it. This is triply sad because I spent so much time getting the data, enjoy playing with the data the most, and deprive myself of that opportunity precisely because I spent so much time getting it in the first place.

I won't do that with my biogeography project, or my linguistics project, or my thesis, I won't!

Also, I did so much work this past weekend—I counted three slides, I read six articles, I cleaned out all my emails, I sent a bunch of emails I didn't want to send, I saw my father, I walked 31,000 steps, I inquired about summer internships, I read Other Me's story, I started to read the Hermit's NaNo, I didn't watch very much TV, I didn't play very much Dominion. And then this morning I counted another two slides, had two meetings, studied for my linguistics exam, and am now taking a break. But it won't last long! I've decided to be productive in my life, and here I am, being productive!

Lastly, my brother's girlfriend got in to Harvard, and was uber excited. She was so excited, she was shaking. I think it is her life's goal to go to Harvard; I'm sure the program there is good, but unless it just so happens to be the best in her field, she seems a little overexcited. Perhaps I have just gotten over the awe of Harvard a bit, but she is way too invested in one school. The Juggler was much more relaxed about it, and aware that there are other programs that might even fit her better; but Harvard has the great advantage of location, which is the main reason why it is still on her list. I don't know, I probably shouldn't mock my brother's girlfriend, seeing as I too will probably want to go to Harvard when I decide whether I want to do ecology or social psychology, seeing as both departments have people who do almost exactly what I would want to do. But I sincerely hope I won't be shaking from excitement, that would be way too pathetic.


Mar. 5th, 2012 10:26 pm
I have been totally failing at working on my thesis, but right now I just can't conjure the energy to do homework. This is the problem with watching television: it is automatically more interesting in the moment, especially when I am a bit enthralled and am watching the entire series from start to finish.

God only knows why I am watching Prison Break again, because its redeeming features are slim to none. But I am.

I need to be working on my thesis, and on my classes, but I just can't bring myself to do it.
Ugh, I felt pretty terrible this afternoon. I got back from the lab, but just could not get up the energy to do anything productive; mostly, my biogeography exam is eating at me. The problem is that I know several things: 1) I have taken entire classes on the topics of single chapters in the textbook, so I am very familiar with the material; 2) I am in my fifth year, so have had many more science classes, nearly all of which have been on similar topics, than most of the other students in the class; 3) the other students have all had classes with my professor before, so they know what his tests are like, and I don't; 4) the professor told us specifically that he pretty much wanted us to know everything.

All in all, this makes me feel like I should be studying, but because I already know most of it, I'm not sure what to study. Hence, the great black cloud consumed my afternoon, and I felt pretty pathetic and terrible and like I was procrastinating and all sorts of other horrible things.

Luckily, I called my mom and ranted for about half an hour (during which time I discovered how I am in terrible shape; I am totally going to start going to the gym, I will!), then spent some time going over vocabulary and figuring out which ones I don't know completely, and then rearranged my room. I have no idea why, but rearranging my room always makes me feel better.

(Actually, I might have some idea why: it's more physical exertion than I usually put forth at a single time in a day, so perhaps it is that? Not that it is very much exertion, mind you, but more than usual, and in my as-previously-mentioned state of poor fitness, it might be enough to make me feel better.)

At the very least, I always like getting a new perspective on my walls. Hopefully I will sleep well tonight, and wake up tomorrow to go to the gym, and be a little happier and more productive tomorrow.
I spent the weekend at the Hermit's house, which was really fun. We made a bonfire on Sunday, and everyone came over; and then on Monday morning I had breakfast with the Hanged Man. She's doing well, it seems, but I still don't understand why she doesn't do something to improve her happiness in life—she doesn't seem to like her job, so why doesn't she find a new one? Or go back to school? But oh well, it's her decision even if it seems crazy.

Otherwise ... tons of work, must go do work.
My grandmother died this morning. Apparently, it was about 2am; my mother wasn't there, but I think my uncle was.

I suppose I loved my grandmother, but I never knew her all that well, nor she me; I will certainly remember with fondness the many Thanksgivings, the Christmases, the walks around the nursing home, how she never wore pants, the first time she sent an email, the discussions of my great uncle's mysterious past. Much family history lies with her, and her stories and books and things, in my great uncle's house and all the things that happened there.

At 92 (she would have been 93 in March), it wasn't exactly surprising. I hope she went in peace, without pain or suffering; I hope, in truth, that she wasn't even aware of her last few days. My mother got to see her one last time, before; closure is good, or at least acceptance of the inevitable.
I think my brother is a hypochondriac. Apparently, he gets sick (and actually sick) either at a much higher rate than I or anyone else I know does, or else he just thinks he gets sick. Possibly he spends too much time staring at the computer and doesn't get enough exercise, either, or fresh air.

Anyway, he now has bronchitis. Allegedly. I'm a little confused about what bronchitis is, since he doesn't seem to even actually think he's sick, except for coughing. If coughing = sickness, then hey, I'm sick too. Why not? Maybe I just don't go to the doctor, and he does.

Or maybe I just actually did get all the good genes in terms of immunity, and his failed spectacularly. Pneumonia last semester, bronchitis this semester; stomach flu his first year of college, IVs all night, that sort of thing; he's had more CAT scans than anyone else I know, and gets "sick", it seems, every month.

Oh well. I suppose I shouldn't complain, it's just hard to believe at a certain point that he is actually sick even when he says, and the doctor says, he is.
Wow, this weekend was long. Friday night the Roommate, Fortitude, the Tower, the Juggler, and I all played Bananagrams and Dominion for about four hours before the Roommate and I pleaded exhaustion and kicked them out. It was really fun, though; more fun than watching Sherlock or Merlin together, I think, so I wonder if we're going to watch any movies at all this year.

Then, Saturday, I spent pretty much the whole day doing readings for this week. I literally read seven articles on Saturday, I think, and another four on Sunday morning; I haven't been this efficient in quite a while. It was awesome to just be finishing everything.

Saturday night we went ice skating, which we've been meaning to do for a long time. It was really fun, but also quite painful, because I fell down three times. The first two times I knocked my funny bone, once on each arm, and then the third time I got the wind knocked out of me a little and started to feel faint. At that point, I decided I'd had enough and the Roommate and I quit; everyone else stopped ten or fifteen minutes later, and since we'd already been on the rink for about two and a half hours, it was fine.

Sunday morning, the Roommate and I met with the Emperor, which was interesting. She showed up late after having "not made it" to church, and then left half an hour later to go to the lab. She told us about her life, and then asked what we'd been doing; I got a few minutes through ... something, I don't even remember, when all of a sudden she just had to up and go. She clearly didn't care about the Roommate's life at all, and only marginally about mine. I don't know why we even try, but I guess she's a friend?

Then Sunday afternoon, I spent a long time hanging out with Other Me, who was having a rough weekend, even though she seems to be doing better over all.

Sunday night, all of us except the Roommate went over to the engineering and physics building for an astronomy lab, where Fortitude and the Juggler got us into one of the astronomy lab sections for the evening. We went up to the roof and looked through telescopes and saw constellations and Jupiter and Mars, and learned how to use a star chart. It was awesome.

Phew. It was fun, but long, and now I am covered in bruises and tired. Also, I did nothing on my thesis, which I had been intending to work on; so now this week is going to be exciting.
I am supposed to go talk to my plants professor in a couple of hours about doing an independent study with her on the plant fossil record, but I am really not sure I want to do it. It seems like it will just be a lot of hassle, and since she doesn't know much about the topic I would pretty much be learning and reading and writing a ton by myself. That isn't necessarily a problem, but while I have the opportunity to take classes with great professors I feel like I might as well take advantage of that.

So ... I am going to be enrolled in my thesis class, intonational phonology, biogeography, sociology (deviance, crime, and social control), and my thesis advisor's graduate seminar. That's five, yes, but I will probably drop either biogeography or the grad seminar; the grad seminar might not even run if there aren't enough students, so then I won't have a problem.

Biogeography looks really interesting, though it will probably stress me out a lot at various points in the semester. Nonetheless, it seems like a great capstone course to a huge amount of the material I've studied in college, so I am looking forward to it—and the discussion we had yesterday was actually pretty good. Hopefully it will continue being good.

I think I will ask my plants professor if I can work on my final project for the biogeography class with her, and/or get her input—that would be a good way to continue working with her and learning from her without forcing myself to do an independent study. I'm still a little worried about recommendations, but this seems like a decent solution.

Ugh. I might try to go talk to the deans to get their input, but it doesn't sit right with me to take a class with a professor solely so that I will have taken multiple classes with the same professor.
So, I have decided that I just won't go to the class ("Plants on a changing planet" or something like that) that I told the professor I would go to. She won't really care; there were plenty of people in the room, so my presence or absence will have no effect on her happiness.

Ha. That means that I am officially done with shopping period—at least, to some extent. I know three classes I am definitely taking: my thesis, intonational phonology, and a sociology class called "Deviance, Crime, and Social Control." For a fourth class, I am deciding between three things: my thesis advisor's graduate seminar, the biogeography class, and an independent study with my plants professor from last term.

So, no more shopping. It's down to the elimination phase. My professor's graduate seminar may not actually be offered, since only four people showed up and at least one was on the fence about the class. The independent study may not happen, because it depends on whether I 1) get my act together, 2) am allowed to, and 3) actually want to. I am pretty sure I want to, though I am equally sure that I will regret the decision later in the term.

Anyway ... yay! I am now able to do homework just for the classes I know I will take, rather than doing readings for a class that I know I won't take. (Yeah, I know: I was doing readings for a class that I wasn't planning on taking and wasn't really enjoying? Crazy?)

On another note, I am getting a little obsessed with criminal profiling. Criminal minds has ruined me; I am going to spend the semester thinking about something other than what I should be thinking about, namely my thesis. But is there really anything wrong with being interested in something? No, I tell myself, though it would be nice if my obsessions had a bit more timeliness to them. Why couldn't I get interested in this over the summer?
The last week or so has been crazy busy—what with transfer orientation wrapping up, and the first few days of classes, I am glad the weekend is here so I can spend some quality time with my books trying to figure out what to take.  Thus far, I haven't been entirely sold on any of my classes—I know I am taking my thesis and the intonational phonology course, but those are requirements I still have to fulfill.  Otherwise, I am looking for a science class, and there are four major options:  my thesis advisor's graduate seminar, an independent study with my plants professor from last term, biogeography, and a class on plant adaptations to climate change.  The last of these I doubt I will take, if only because biogeography is slightly more interesting and, to be honest, less work—I've already read half of the textbook, so I have already done about a third of the reading.  To be fair, though, I've probably done the easiest third.  Hopefully I will get to do an independent study, which will make my decision a lot easier (and my workload a lot more manageable).

I've also been looking into a sociology class on deviance, crime, and social control.  The social control bit is a little less interesting, but most of the topics seem fascinating given that I wish the class were on psychology and the law; I suppose I could talk to one of the professors in psych to ask about maybe doing an independent study on psychology and the law, but two independent studies, a thesis, and one class that actually meets probably wouldn't be good for me to actually get things done.  Maybe if either of my independent studies had other people, but I don't think it would be good for me to do them alone.

Anyway, the sociology class looks interesting, even if it isn't quite what I was looking for.  It does look like it'll be a lot of work, and I am trying very, very hard not to crush myself with work this term; so, I will definitely be taking it pass fail if I take it.

Otherwise ... transfer orientation went well, not too many students panicking and registration was a lot easier than normal because there were no other new students to compete with the transfers.

Lastly, I have been consumed by Criminal Minds.  I really, really like some of the characters, and I think they do a decent job on the plots, though by now I have seen enough that it's fairly predictable.  Nonetheless, it's fun to watch because if they mention anything about psych I can 1) look it up, or 2) already know what it is.  They actually did a good job of explaining capgras syndrome, as well as on diatoms; but otherwise, I haven't known enough about many of the topics to actually say how accurate it is.  I ... possibly have a thing for Reid's drug addiction, I wish they had made that a larger subplot rather than just a few mentions here and there, one shot of him about to take Dilaudid, and then suddenly he's at an AA (equivalent) meeting saying he's been clean for 10 months.  But that's okay ...

Okay, off to run errands.
Apparently I forgot to write about Wikipedia last time.

Anyway, today is January 18, 2012, and Wikipedia has shut down its English-language version in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA).  These acts are going to be voted on by the House and the Senate on January 24th, so Wikipedia (among others) is trying to protest those acts that will effectively allow censorship of the web (or even force censorship for websites that may contain copyrighted content).

Needless to say, Wikipedia's awesomeness level just rose about fifty percent.  As if it weren't awesome enough already.

Google also put up a black "censor" banner over the Google logo as a sort of doodle today, and Wired had its entire page "censored" out.  Sentences are legible if you scroll over them, but otherwise the entire page looks, well, censored.  There is a tab at the bottom that lets you uncensor the page, but I'm not planning on doing that.  It defeats the purpose—well, sort of.  It depends on the purpose.  Mozilla claims its purpose is a "virtual strike", meaning that the services provided by these organizations should not, actually, be usable today if it is to be a true strike.  On the other hand, if it's just to raise awareness, then I am already aware, so there's no real need for me to continue to not use these services.

Anyway.  I should be doing work today.
The third Sherlock of season 2 was much, much better than A Scandal in Belgravia, but I'm not sure yet what I think of The Hound of Baskerville. I want to watch that one again before I make a judgement about it, because I'm not sure I really got it the first time.

Anyway, back to The Reichenbach Fall. I honestly thought it was quite good; Watson was great, Sherlock was great, and I thought they pulled off the emotional stuff fairly well. Sherlock even managed it on top of the roof of the building, when he was about to kill himself—or pretend to, anyway. I wasn't completely sold on Sherlock's emotional meltdown, but then again, he was faking it anyway; so in that sense, Benedict Cumberbatch did an even better job than most actors would have done, who might have made it even more realistic.

I am slightly worried that Steven Moffat won't be able to explain what happened in a satisfactory way, and I am mostly worried about this because of A Scandal in Belgravia—"I am Sherlocked"? Really??? Who on Earth thought that was a good idea? Much better to have just not told us the secret to Irene Adler's cell phone, rather than give us such a horrible, horrible pun.

I am so glad there is going to be a third season, Steven Moffat has done quite well with Sherlock, even if A Scandal in Belgravia was a total bust. I didn't even know that there was a question about it not continuing, so I wasn't as surprised as I might have been to hear that the third season has already been commissioned. I just kind of assumed it would be.

I am determined to read all the Sherlock stories this year, now. I will! I will! That and Lord of the Rings.

In other news, I also watched the new season's episode of White Collar. Um ... it was pretty terrible. They went a little too far towards cheesy for me—really, Neal picked up a shield while hiding in the van? Really? That was just too much. And I may have forgotten what had happened in the earlier episodes, but I can't believe that Keller would just take credit for the treasure recovery—he would want to take Neal down with him.

In completely other news, we had dinner with the cousins today. They were less unbearable than usual, but I could see (slightly ... not that much) how my cousin had lost weight while in India. It's not that obvious, though, I don't know why everyone's so worried. She did just eat rice for two months, after all; anyone would lose weight on that.
I got back last night at around 11:30, because we got lost on the way back from the airport. We had a midnight snack (bread with brie and guacamole, plus some peanut butter), I took a shower, and then I went to bed.

And slept until 2:30 in the afternoon.

Oops. The worst part was that I was convinced it couldn't be later than 10. Off by four hours ... Anyway, I slept for fourteen hours, which kind of makes sense given that I was awake for 27 straight hours the day before, due to the time change.

So, the day is almost over and I have been awake for ... what, less than five hours at the moment? Time for lunch! Actually, luckily, I'm kind of tired anyway, so I'll hopefully go to bed around midnight and then kind of be back on a normal schedule ...
So, I read God's War—I finished it a while ago, probably around January 4th or something. Anyway, it was ... interesting. I wasn't hugely fond of the language, though I felt like the extremely depressing nature of the world in the book partially justified the language. There were a number of depictions of sex that I also didn't have much of a use for, but at least it was more controlled than The Windup Girl (which I haven't finished yet for precisely this reason). In other words, although it was a lot cruder than I usually enjoy reading, it sort of made sense.

I liked the whole bug technology and the integration of magic with technology, though I wish she would explain more about how the bug magic and the shifting worked.

Other than that, there wasn't a huge amount that I really liked ... I really just honestly didn't like any of the characters that well. Nyx was just ... a jerk. I didn't mind it until she refused to tell Khos her plan on how to get them out of being attacked by Nasheenian soldiers when they had crossed the border into Chenja. He was clearly about to shoot someone, and she just couldn't tell him that she was going to pretend to be a bel dame again? Why on earth not? And she couldn't even tell him that she had a plan, even if she didn't want to say what it was? No. Instead, she just kept him in the dark, convincing everyone in the room that they were going to die. Rhys was okay, and Khos started to grow on me by the end. But why did she have to kill off Taite?

I liked that she made being gay and being a strong female perfectly normal, but then she went and killed off her only real gay character; and Nyx was just such a jerk that I rather thought she had an attitude problem instead of being strong. I am also not a fan of the fact that being male and gay was illegal and "dirty" or "gross" or something, but two women having sex wasn't a problem? I don't get the point.

Anyway, I have started reading Kameron Hurley's blog, though I don't know if I'll continue. It sounds like she has a lot more worldbuilding than she put into God's War, so I might try the second book. It was a page-turner, even if I didn't much like the characters and the world seemed pretty sparse. Plus, the random aliens come to steal Umayma genes? That seemed just a little too random.



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