I always forget how quickly October comes upon us. And I always forget to do homework over Columbus Day weekend. :P It was fun, but now I am panicking.

I have to download Mesquite and relearn how to use it. I have to find word lists for two languages for my phonetics project. I have to find out information about my consultants, because I completely forgot to do this ahead of time. Unfortunately, the finding of word lists is difficult, because the book I need isn't online, and doesn't seem to be in the library, either. (HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY NOT BE IN THE LIBRARY?) And the Journal of the IPA doesn't seem to have any indices or anything like that.

And, I have to write up two proposals for the two languages before tomorrow. In the mean time, I have lab this afternoon, then class until 4; tomorrow, I have class at 9, and then a meeting at 10, and another meeting at 11. Then I have to turn in the proposals by 2 tomorrow.

I moved all my stuff back in to my dorm yesterday. And by all my stuff, I mean all my stuff and all my brother's stuff that we left in Hanover. And all my stuff from the Art House storage room. Up three flights of stairs. I have never appreciated living on the first floor more, now that I am up on the third floor. Why are there no elevators that we can actually use, at least for moving-in day? Well, at least moving into the third floor isn't really different than moving into the second floor, since you're climbing stairs already anyway. Now I am sore. Very sore.

And I didn't even sleep well, probably due to that Java Chip frappuccino I got last night. (Night. I know not to do that!!!)

I need to unpack before I find all the stuff I accidentally shipped to North Carolina and now need. And I need a fan. It might just be my imagination, but the third floor seems even hotter than the first floor. (Yes, I know, heat rises, but it can't be that much hotter, can it?)

My room's a closet single, so it's a bit small, but not really any different than a regular square single. Very different than my room last semester, obviously, which was HUGE. Not sure if I am going to keep my chair in the my room the entire semester; it fits, and it doesn't even seem too crowded, but I might change my mind.

Enough blabbering. Burn Notice. Some spoilers; much unhappiness. )

Suits. If it didn't take that left turn down Romance Alley, I'd be more interested. )

Now I have to go convince the transfer counselors that I am indeed a real member of the team, because apparently I keep getting left out ... I think they probably decided they wanted someone who knew something about linguistics (a.k.a., ME), so they gave me the job; but they didn't actually need a 17th counselor, which makes me the counselor who always gets forgotten about. (Which ... actually doesn't bother me, because it means they won't notice if I kind of maybe forget to sign up for something I'm supposed to sign up for.) But I have to go meet all my fellow counselors soon ... and my advisees ... TERRIFYING. :(



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